Prime Asset Corporation (“PAC”) takes data privacy seriously and maintains a Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to describe how we will use information on individuals in board and executive search.

Definition of Personal Information:

Personal Information is defined as such items typically included in standard curriculum vitae. It may also include items which could be obtained through publicly available sources and third parties.

Data Collection and Usage:

PAC will obtain Personal Information by legally acceptable and fair methods only. And its use is limited to undertake activities in connection with the conduct and management of PAC’s executive search and its auxiliary business. PAC will not provide any third party with Personal Information without prior approval and consent from the candidate to whom the personal information belongs to, unless otherwise stated in the laws and regulation. In addition, where we disclose Personal Information to relevant clients, PAC will make sure that they properly protect the security and confidentiality of such information.

Data maintenance:

Data is secure and accessible only to PAC employees. PAC makes its best efforts to prevent the loss, unauthorized access, tampering and leakage of Personal Information.

Disclosure, Amendment and Removal of Personal Information:

PAC makes an effort to maintain Personal Information that is accurate, current and complete. And PAC will immediately disclose, amend or delete specific Personal Information upon request from the candidate to whom the personal information belongs to, to the extent we believe appropriate or otherwise required under applicable law.

Managing Policy Maintenance:

PAC appoints a Data Privacy Officer within the firm and will periodically review its Policy management structure. PAC reserves the right to change or amend its privacy practices as described herein and issue amended versions of this Policy from time to time in its sole discretion, as permitted by applicable law.

Prime Asset Corporation, President & CEO, Hisae Chiba